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Guidelines for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in presenting your work at the Free Flow conference 2024. We would be grateful if you could please observe the following guidance to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

Powerpoint presentation tips

Below you will find some information that will help you prepare your presentation. To ensure a smooth course during sessions, we kindly ask presenting authors to consider the following:

  • The standard for providing a presentation is Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Suggested font sizes:
    • Title: Bold Typeface minimum 38-40 pt size
    • Subtitles: Bold Typeface minimum 32-36 pt size
    • Text and Figures: Bold Typeface minimum 24-28 pt size
    • Suggested fonts: Arial, Times New Roman
  • Please use contrasting colors to enhance readability
  • Please do not include any hyperlinks to your presentation
  • We recommend using short, precise text with a maximum of 6-8 lines containing 5-6 words
  • Please keep in mind that graphics and charts must be read from a considerable distance
  • To ensure a safety zone for over-projection, leave a ~0.5 cm border, with no text or graphics, around your slide
  • Please insert into PowerPoint images (in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF or BMP format) of high resolution (up to 200 dpi)
  • Please test any embedded videos in your presentation beforehand. Generally, the MP4 format should work with no difficulties

Talk duration

  • Each speaker has been allocated fifteen (15) minutes per presentation. Please do not exceed the designated time. Time cards indicating the number of minutes remaining (5 minutes & 2 minutes) will be raised to inform you during your presentation
  • Allow the initial one (1) minute of your presentation time for speaker change, and introduction by the moderator
  • It is the speaker’s discretion to decide on time allotted for Q&A from participants, but we suggest you allow at least two (2) minutes for one (1) or two (2) questions following your presentation

Presentation submission

  • Provide your presentation file at least one (1) week before the conference (i.e., till April 8, 2024) via email to the following address:
  • Provide your presentation as a PowerPoint file and not a PDF file
  • Name your presentation as follows: Session number, first & last name of speaker
  • For large files we recommend you send them through WeTransfer or similar platform
  • We recommend that speakers have a backup copy of their talk on a thumb drive the day of their presentation