Between Sea and Source: Peizerdiep

About the field trip

Follow the route a sea trout has to swim to reach Lake Lauwersmeer and the Waddensea from the tributaries in the province of Drenthe. The project “Fish for Connection” aims to enrich the Lauwersmeer area both ecologically and economically. By reintroducing sea trout into the ecosystem and restoring their habitat, anglers are drawn to the area. Fish migration is optimized along the route from the tributary to the sea, enabling other fish species to migrate as well. Multiple fish species have been tagged with acoustic transmitters, through which the migration in the area can be tracked. This shows us how well fish migration is possible in the area. During the excursion, we will visit the restored habitat in the tributary streams of Lake Lauwersmeer in Drenthe. Here the streams meander again, gravel beds have been made and fish passages have been created to improve fish migration.

The area between the streams and the sea sometimes has very opposing functions. Some land is redesigned as a water buffer, where excess water can be stored to counter droughts. Some waterways are used as a shipping route and again others make sure the city of Groningen stays dry by pumping water toward Lake Lauwersmeer. We will take you through the difficulties the project encounters with these confounded interests and how by working together with different organisations we can overcome these problems. Lastly, we will visit Lake Lauwersmeer and discuss how important estuarine ecosystems are and how we try to improve the connection between the fresh inland waters and the sea. 

Themes covered

Fish-migration research, acoustic telemetry, habitat restoration, estuarine ecosystems, dam removal, citizen science through anglers 

Important information

Price for Between Sea and Source: Peizerdiep field trip is €50.82 (inc. tax) and it includes guide, travel and lunch.  

Meeting place is the Groningen bus station at 8:30. Bus will leave at 9:00, be at the meeting place at least 15 minutes before departure. Planned return to Oosterpoort is by 19:00. 

Organised by
  • Sportvisserij Nederland 
  • Staatsbosbeheer 
  • Waterschap Noorderzijlvest 
  • Waddenvereniging 

The meandering stream “Lieversche Diep” with its restored gravel beds near the village Lieveren

The sluice complex at Lauwersoog